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I just ran along this dissemination over by Chrono24, when I did a query aboard Jumbo models. First of always, this isn’t a ‘Jumbo’ of way, lightly to recognize since it has a second hand. Second of all, what’s the handle with one of the pictures that the seller uses?

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Glycine (founded in 1914) introduced a multiple time zone watch in 1953, the Glycine Airman. These watches were meant to be for travellers and pilots that needed a watch that enabled them to read two different time zones. Through all these years, the Airman watch was not empty of the Glycine collection, but it changed a bit at times. Purists will swear by the original vintage Airman model (nicked ‘Old Airman’) that was in production from 1953 till 1973. This model was embraced by the m