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Going maudlin.

February 13th, 2011

..which I can comprehend, when I look at the see Tom S. namely talking almost at the Public Forum on

As he writes:

“Remembrances of entities past….

I have been out of this game for the better part of a year immediately (or thereabout, I’ve lost alley). But tonight, as I stable down with a pleasing Pinot Noir and a agreeable cigar, I resolved to thumb via the Kenjo classify I still receive at this period of the annual.

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What’s a Bezel

February 13th, 2011


The bezel namely the "ring" above the watch turntable (alternatively face) that holds the crystal in location.
The bezel frequently describes the rotating ring nigh a diver or
chronograph watch breitling, which amounts elapsed time.

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1 22, Hangzhou Tower Museum of Clothes watches and the first anniversary of the opening of the Hangzhou section of the top watch, One special service. Meanwhile, the 4-day

Assistant Manager Xiezhi Lan said, showing nearly 20 watches each only have been her selection. the design, so you have some perception of time. this particular product family is a set of rare enamel painted table, using the concept of Chinese ink painting, limited edition of 25 sets of the world, the Chinese mai