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Time is scampering out. Just 5 days until X-mas. Get your current Swiss see before it’s also late.

Priority Mail Cut-off
Monday TAG Heuer, December 21st – 10AM EST

Express Mail Cut-off
Wednesday, December 23rd – 10AM EST

I have been receiving several emails about problems with the comments function on my blog. I have tried unsuccessfully to determine this. Apparently the problem arose due to the upgrade/updating of Blogger services. As an interim solution until a fashionable redesign of my blog (and possibly a shake to a new service)


In appending to the additional timepieces Luminox recently catered us, we likewise got a lurk preview at the unreleased 6402 ‘Blackout’ looked here. Based on the before F-117 Nighthawk 6402, the Blackout goes stealth


March 11th, 2011

About a year antecedent, above the 22th of December 2004 Tissot, I posted about the lawful Kobold Forum by Since April this year, the bbs isn’t ‘official’ anymore. This method that the forum still exists, but no with the official aid of Mike Kobold. I couldn’t find an explanation because this anywhere, but this has probably someone apt do with picture and the intention for a higher-segment in the mart.

If you plan aboard storing your dive see, such as a TAG Heuer Aquaracer Panerai Replica, because an amplified periond of period Patek Philippe Replica, determine to reserve the crown screwed in tightly to reserve out whichever humidity or dust namely might be
in the atmosphere. This will discourage mar to the seals namely mi

About each chronograph owner who namely vigorous above the internet probably has read one treatise he wrote alternatively visit his website mattered with horological links and articles…. Today I am posting the 1st chapter of a conversation held with Chuck Maddox almost watches, interests and his point of view on watchrelated subjects.

Chuck's site

You can find it here..


Les Ateliers DeMonaco Carre dOr

February 20th, 2011

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Since I got behind from my honeymoon above the 13th of November, I am proudly dressing my Linde Werdelin 3-Timer with brown dial, not.13/22 (my birthday namely above the 13th of April). Ofcourse, I yet wrote an article ashore the model namely Linde Werdelin sent me Omega, but I thought it would be fine apt do a small write-up on the terminal version as well.



Cult Watches

February 12th, 2011

Not also long antecedent, I noticed ‘Cult Watches, the world’s enduring classics’ in a skylight of a book store in The Hague. It is a book by Michael Balfour, whom I calculate is also responsible for extra horological titles.

I flipped via the pages and seeing at the pictures and stories of all-time classics (Speedmaster, Submariner, Navitimer, Nautilus, Royal Oak, Tank and so on..