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DRSD Winter Passion

March 16th, 2011

In a good palace in The Netherlands, where currently the noted masterpiece forger Geert Jan Jansen resides, the second Dutch Rolex Sun Day took area on the 3rd of February 2008.

I meditation we were there with around 25 persons, and tons of watches. Rolex, Panerai, Omega, Patek Philippe, IWC and numereous additional brands. This DRSD was again mobilized at Rob, Stanley, Misha and Isabel and

This shouldnt come for a huge surprised namely the iPhone 3G will go aboard bargain at 8AM on Friday at Apple retail stores.  So, it namely now lawful!  The only question I have is, are you going to camp out because the iPhone 3G?

In circumstance youre itching to understand, Vodafone announced details on the New Zealand iPhone 3G fire.  The iPhone 3G will g

Vintage Panerai

March 10th, 2011

Yesterday, I received the book ‘Vintage Panerai’, written at Ralf Ehlers and Volker Wiegmann. Vintage Panerai describes the history of some historic Panerais, including information aboard their original German and Italian employers. The book contains a lot of careful message on the swimmers equipment, consignments and backdrop of the owners. Including lots of pictures. Ralf Ehlers and Volger Wiegmann did a beautiful good job on this original concept! If you are into Panerai watches and

In today’s sports mainstream trbring an end to … the great watch, must say that the Chanel J12 watch. Its high-tech precision ceramic J12 classical black and white sports watch instantly set off a fashion trend, and also a representative of top fashion watch.

Started along Chanel haute couture jewelry, extra sophisticated designs in the watch. In 2007, the tabulation process and the top once anew demonstrated with the higher realm jewelry, Chanel fired total more than 30 billio

Sometimes I feel that I am unattended on this one, but I just looked over at the Orient & Seiko forum and I couldn’t aid thinking namely I probably never can buy a Seiko watch. I think myself as a complete watchnut and I even consider myself apt at least have some knowledge about wristwatches and buying a Seiko or additional Japanese watch truly doesn’t fit in. This works for fashionable and vintage Seikos, but particularly the new ones.

Although I have though

Tudor TNight in Berlin

February 24th, 2011

Tudor is back in affair! They seemed to be somewhat lost in the last few years, merely Tudor came back with new designs and a new image. Their sale ministry namely production accessory hours, always the commercials/banners aboard the internet (no only at watch entries, too above social webbing sites favor aSmallWorld.web). TheTimeTV made the TNight movie presentation available because (Thanks Boon Chong!) I principally favor the lady’s watches from Tudor, the gent’

Click above the image above to download the wallpaper of the Rose Gold Sidewinder HM3. Probably the maximum gratifying capture of this annual by far.

Replica Omega Watches

There are some great forums aboard the Internet apt discuss Swiss watches. TimeZone and Chuck Maddox’s Watch Blog are two nice samples yet the best of the bunch is Ernie Romer’s Check them all out.

P Day 7

February 19th, 2011

Although I have been to the P-Day 3 in 2004 and had a great period, I didn’t heed any of the after organized P-Days though. I figured out I am not the 1 brand variety of guy. :) Panerai are excellent watches however, naturally not the best watch you can purchase for the money, but a excellent experience for with minimal effort you can change the plenary look of the watch fair

World’s first independent deadbeat seconds sequence wristwatch was introduced in June last year, by Grönefeld Exclusive Timepieces. This complication, also known as secondes morte, has been secondhand in pocket watches since the 19th centenary. Instead of a sweeping second hand, the second hand advances in full treads of an second. According to Grönefeld Exclusive Timepieces, this was a very adored complication until the 1980s (at the time of Gloria Estefan’s Dr. Beat melody,