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I just returned from Munich (Germany) and I noticed in some magazine namely IWC gave a digit of Limited Edition Doppelchronographs to the German national soccer team fair ahead the The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship kicks off on the 7th of June.

This watch is limited to 500 pieces. The premier 24 pieces ambition be given to the players and trainer of the German association.

Glycine (founded in 1914) introduced a multiple time zone watch in 1953, the Glycine Airman. These watches were meant to be for travellers and pilots that needed a watch that enabled them to read two different time zones. Through all these years, the Airman watch was not empty of the Glycine collection, but it changed a bit at times. Purists will swear by the original vintage Airman model (nicked ‘Old Airman’) that was in production from 1953 till 1973. This model was embraced by the m

Patek Philippe

Tempus II came to one end today. Sadly as follows entire agreeable things. It was a festival of watches namely makes all other normal accidents including Basel and SIHH look pedestrian – by fewest from the collector’s point of outlook. This Tempus predictably was a buffet with local collectors merely it was great to watch collectors from all overthe earth making friend

Cartier Tank Francaise Watches

A GTG (short for Get Together) systematized by a few members of the Vintage Rolex Forum is all nice for a lot of photographs of impressive watches and see accumulations. Vintage Rolex Forum calls these GTGs ‘Passion’, because of the enthusiasm for vintage Rolex watches. Looking at the photos, the guys also share passion for cigars, bags and watch boxes.

Below you’ll

Designer Gwenaël Nicolas, Arik Levy, and  Neil Barrett were Maurice Lacroix Pontos Décentrique GMT watches created a restricted version of the works , 2010 May 13-June 19 by the lawful website of Maurice Lacroix.

The accident together with the wallpaper Online, invited three chart educator rethink Pontos Décentrique GMT  watch, Maurice Lacroix uphold the self-seeking style, uncompromising belief of the 3 designers apt go attach, was connate This amazing trio of time: French-born


The highly collectable IWC Forum Ingeniuer was conveyed to a few quite fortunate IWC fans in Singapore. I was with Mr Tay Kok Choon – a famous IWC afficinado and collector – when he collected his timepiece from

Swatch vs JLC

January 28th, 2011

Rolex Cellini Watches

This a.m. I received an email from Art. Art writes:


I just couldn’t resist picking up a Swatch Automatic and manuscript a
tiny about it, particularly comparing it apt my present daily-wearer,
a JLC ultra skinny. Please take a peer, and if you think other people
tin benefit from my observations, along always method, feel free to interlock to

According apt the Japan Clock & Watch Association, the product of mechanical watches has grown steadily in recent years–even when total production of watches has decreased. From 2003 to 2007 Watch BOX, mechanical see production grew at 29 percent, when quartz watches dripped 10 percent and digital timepieces declined by 27 percentage. Still, mechanical watches merely make up 2 percent of overall w

Leading shuttlers from Malaysia and Indonesia have confirmed their participation in the $15,000 Tata Open India International Challenge 2010 to be held here Dec 15-25 by the Cricket Club of India (CCI) tribunals.

The men’s singles field includes Alamsyah Yonus, medalist of the Indian Grand Prix Gold tournament; Tommy Sugiarto (son of former World champion Icuk Sugiatro); Misbun Ramdan (son of Malaysian large Misbun Sidek) and six additional Malaysians, besides entries from Thailand a


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