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On Motoring Exposure, we are arguing Sinn Spezialuhren’s means of exhaustive testing Patek Philippe, using a German research center (Fraunhofer Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit und Systemzuverlässigkeit) namely works ashore issues raised along automobile and advertisement conveyance branches.

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Daniel Roth Athys Revisit

March 18th, 2011
About 2 years antecedent, I reported here on the gorgeous Athys Limited Edition with namely complicated hand sculptured streaming bridges IWC Calibre 98 manoeuvre. With its white dlial and white gold case, it was a handsome t

With watches going through all the various permutations starting from amplified cases to open center and dials Louis Vuitton Wallets, multiple complications

Pulsar LED Calculator

I came cross this classic while doing some shopping on eBay at one time. After
18 commands, it ended up going for $1,125 — not wrong for a 27-year-old timepiece.
Although the watch is nearly as antiq

Review of The Artego 300m Diver

February 10th, 2011

IMG_0311 With the 300m diver, Artego Watches has officially joined the almost infinite mass of indie or boutique swoop see manufacturers obtainable to the web-savvy purchaser. But the question is, do they stand out?

Wrist on the “green” environmental technology Tissot watch

Green tide is sweeping the world, alive in the Earth’s inhabitants have the same liabilities, a growing digit of slogans and ideas were advocated and implemented: green energy car, green shopping bags, green dry detergents … … All forward, Tissot and innovative spirit with the development of various guiding productions, and in the green, also, walking in the forefront of the industry. Brand has been committed to

Roger Federer won the French Open and got his 14th grand slam caption. As soon as he received the Coupe des Mousquetaires from Andre Agassi, folk over at the online watch community websites began surmising which watch he was wearing.

Although Rolex advertizes with Roger Federer wearing either a Rolex Daytona in white gold or an always gold Rolex GMT-Mas

P Day 4

February 5th, 2011

Unfortunately, I missed it… P-Day #4! The anniversary accident for Panerai fans (Paneristi). P-Day #3 (2004) was very quite good, but this annual I equitable couldn’t make it.

Anyway Cartier Declaration Watches, check out the Paneristi Forum as tons of pictures! Just to get an impression…

Omega Speedmaster Professional

View the Omega Speedmaster Photo Gallery.

I have a object for durable watches. Finding a watch that can stand up to an lively lifestyle, and still look nice and reserve large time over


Business Montres – a French magazine covering the watch industry recently conducted one interesting survey/poll approximately the treatment of watch businesses. It surveyed 75 key-journalists from 21 assorted countries giving their attitude above the best bosses in the watch industry. Many ambition find the results for unsurprising – by least bec