The Hillary Tenzing Explorer

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I fair got this reception release:

From the lowest to the highest point on earth. Following the successful institution of the Piccard Single Red Deepsea Panerai, we have created a new and preferential tribute: the Hillary Tenzing Explorer.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer is a peerless homage that highlights the extraordinary achievement of two fanciful labels in the history of exploring, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They were the premier peoples in 1953 to vanquish the maximum mountain on globe, Mount Everest.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer likewise pays tribute to variant great action in the impressive Rolex history of reconnaissance. Centrepiece in the Hillary Tenzing Explorer series will be models of the Explorer watch, arguably the final Rolex legendary sports prototype.

The limited Hillary Tenzing Explorer series has been established in close cooperation with Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, sons of the notable mountaineers and applauded adventurers themselves. ““ I am very excited to partake with Jamling in this unique project””, says Auckland-based Peter Hillary. ““We talked a lot about it during our recent junket to Kilimanjaro and really like the party that the Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer archives characterize a excellent crew achieving great elevations on Everest ””.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer tribute will be produced in a finite edition series of merely 88 packages, consisting of 3 customised Rolex Explorer models and several custom-made items commemorating the successful 1953 upward. All items will be packed in a handcrafted Everest expedition crate, apart numbered including a signed certificate at Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay. The complete package will be revealed over the next months on the interactive website

Number 88 /88 of the Hillary Tenzing Explorer sequence will be auctioned as the benefits of the Hillary Himalaya Foundation and the Tenzing Norgay Trust. By the path, The Hillary Tenzing Explorer version is no affiliated with the Rolex union ;-)

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—End of reception release

I hope this will be a success favor the Piccard Single Red Deepsea they introduced (which I covered here and here). I will keep you posted above the progress of this superb project!

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