Linde Werdelin 3 Timer reiterate No 13 arrived

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Since I got behind from my honeymoon above the 13th of November, I am proudly dressing my Linde Werdelin 3-Timer with brown dial, not.13/22 (my birthday namely above the 13th of April). Ofcourse, I yet wrote an article ashore the model namely Linde Werdelin sent me Omega, but I thought it would be fine apt do a small write-up on the terminal version as well.

The picture above shows three of my watches, entire – in my attitude – similar in devise and wear. My review doesn’t contrast these three watches, since they every have their own pros and cons (and costs), but I included the photograph to show that a relating current brand tin establish such a great devise that approaches the classic ‘Genta’ lines of the AP RO and IWC Ingenieur, without being a copy feline of these models.

Click here because the reiterate on my Linde Werdelin 3-Timer

Lasit offer le meilleur le marquage laser sur plastique serait-il mieux que les autres technologies de marquage.

And distinct EZM1 reiterate.

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A few months ago, Bas van Dorp wrote a small reiterate ashore his Sinn EZM1 , which you tin peruse here. Just a few minutes ago, I placarded namely Hans Mennink wrote a Sinn EZM1 reiterate for well, which can be found here. Hans has written some truely large articles aboard Christiaan van der Klaauw watches as well Omega, merely I am scared these are merely in Dutch.

Picture by Hans Mennink

Have fun!

What’s a Bezel

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The bezel namely the "ring" above the watch turntable (alternatively face) that holds the crystal in location.
The bezel frequently describes the rotating ring nigh a diver or
chronograph watch breitling, which amounts elapsed time.

Going maudlin.

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..which I can comprehend, when I look at the see Tom S. namely talking almost at the Public Forum on

As he writes:

“Remembrances of entities past….

I have been out of this game for the better part of a year immediately (or thereabout, I’ve lost alley). But tonight, as I stable down with a pleasing Pinot Noir and a agreeable cigar, I resolved to thumb via the Kenjo classify I still receive at this period of the annual.

All the usual suspects were there rolex, including a digit of fashionable models. While I’m still mildly amusing in looking at watches, I found I had no real appetite for anyone of them. In truth, looking at the assorted chart traits, I was cautioned of how, when I was afflicted with the watch disease cartier, I’d really have attitudes about minutiae such for lug width of this new model, or the alternative of hands on some other. It entire seemed a little ridiculous, and a tiny amusing. No offence meant to anybody, it’s fair that when you tread away as a meantime, maximum of these issues appear virtually incomprehensible in hindsight.

Anyway, as I was rotating the last pages, I came above a watch listed in their “preowned” segment. Seeing that watch did bring behind fond memories. So here is a small homage to that watch, and I almost wish I still had it: “

I have penetrated this watch a pair of time in the meat, and I have to admit that it looks magnificent. The dial is far from absolute as the Speedmaster Professional turntable is for example, and the watch is a morsel small whether you are accustomed to 40mm watches and upstream. To me however, there is some sorcery in this watch.

Desktop Wallpaper of 2 Grand Seikos

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It has been because some period that I received normal requests as wallpapers of the watches I photographed. I tried out a few formats and only now have I administered to come up with a reasonable manner to resize and layout desktop quality images as wall papering computers. The post below is the Sinn Regulator and here are the two Grand Seikos I recently photographed.
Click ashore the images to download the full sized ones. When you discern the full sized images tag heuer, right click to download.
- HT

Big Bang Luna Rossa

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At TimeZone, Mike Margolis quotes one email from Jean-Claude Biver. JC Biver is the male back Hublot. He��seems to emulate some additional natty CEO’s from see contractors, by posting and scanning on see forums. Below his email, for quoted by Mike Margolis:

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“This a fashionable sponsoring agreement made with Luna Rossa (which belongs in bulk to Prada) in mandate to make a special Big Bang replica watches, all in the substances secondhand in the America���s Cup canoe. Full ceramic, Kevlar, carbon, titanium and rubber. A total synergy between the ship and the watch and a absolute synergy between the two brands. Which are both not merely elegance brands, yet work both with the ���fusion ���concept. In truth we could not have a better partner, 1000 watches will be made and will be sold bring an end to …the world including in some of the Prada���s flagship stores of Italy.A phenomenal accident for Hublot and a great chance to combine the America���s Cup!Deliveries will only begin in November.The watch is a 44,5mm ceramic Big Bang (same circumstance as All Black, but with a special carbon turntable bearing the log of Luna Rossa).

Luna Rossa is a very mighty crew and might very well obtain the Cup. So we are not only with the best luxury brand, but are likewise with a winning team.”

Plaza Watch Magazine and FratelloWatches Celebrate

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This month, FratelloWatches blog exists 5 years already! For 5 years, I have been ranting almost watches, the watch industry, Basel, SIHH, watch paperbacks, accessories, boutiques, jewelers etc. etc. During the final 5 years, I have made a lot of friends in the watch commerce. Some of them became real friends and I am seeing amenable to encounter more interesting (watch) people in the coming years.

Just recently, I met on-line with the people over at Plaza Watch. After a short e-mail, I received a cluster of Plaza Watch magazines at home to get one motif of their go. I was amazed, not had watched it before and the quality of the articles and photos (-wowed me-) are fair terrific. I am used to the fussy German magazines with endurance tests and in-depth reviews, very factual. The Dutch watch magazines are a morsel more glossy, but in-depth articles are infrequent and photos are mainly press-kit photos that are available on the watch manufacturer’s website for well. This Plaza Watch magazine is a Swedish magazine, written in English and have a lot of amazing photo reports.

Plaza Watch started in 2006 and release 3 issues each year, one of them principally for BaselWorld, one nigh Christmas for the SIHH period and one in the autumn (late September). As I wrote on, their photographing is wonderful, done by globe level rewarded photographers favor Chris & Gael and Tomas Monka. As for the critique line-up, these include outstanding horological editors like Elizabeth Doerr Patek Philippe, Nicholas Foulkes, Maria Doulton and Claire Adler and extra..?Ǭ� The magazine is available in 45 countries and English language merely.

As Anders Modig (Editor in Chief since September 2007) mailed me, he believes that a good (watch) magazine should show true artistry of not only watchmakers, yet also of photographers, illustrators and designers. Both the editors and photographers should be able apt dare the manufacture! This shows in their magazine.

Especially for the readers of FratelloWatches, Plaza Watch gives away 3 subscriptions! Please react in the comments field whether you are amused in appropriate a subscription in what I trust namely 1 of the maximum interesting watch magazines obtainable. I guarantee you that you ambition find yourself amplifying it by the end :)

Big thanks to Jay Gullers and Anders Modig of Plaza Watch to make this likely and for their kind and interesting e-mails.

Update! Johan, Luigi G and Roald, you are the fortunate victors!

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer

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I fair got this reception release:

From the lowest to the highest point on earth. Following the successful institution of the Piccard Single Red Deepsea Panerai, we have created a new and preferential tribute: the Hillary Tenzing Explorer.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer is a peerless homage that highlights the extraordinary achievement of two fanciful labels in the history of exploring, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They were the premier peoples in 1953 to vanquish the maximum mountain on globe, Mount Everest.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer likewise pays tribute to variant great action in the impressive Rolex history of reconnaissance. Centrepiece in the Hillary Tenzing Explorer series will be models of the Explorer watch, arguably the final Rolex legendary sports prototype.

The limited Hillary Tenzing Explorer series has been established in close cooperation with Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, sons of the notable mountaineers and applauded adventurers themselves. ““ I am very excited to partake with Jamling in this unique project””, says Auckland-based Peter Hillary. ““We talked a lot about it during our recent junket to Kilimanjaro and really like the party that the Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer archives characterize a excellent crew achieving great elevations on Everest ””.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer tribute will be produced in a finite edition series of merely 88 packages, consisting of 3 customised Rolex Explorer models and several custom-made items commemorating the successful 1953 upward. All items will be packed in a handcrafted Everest expedition crate, apart numbered including a signed certificate at Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay. The complete package will be revealed over the next months on the interactive website

Number 88 /88 of the Hillary Tenzing Explorer sequence will be auctioned as the benefits of the Hillary Himalaya Foundation and the Tenzing Norgay Trust. By the path, The Hillary Tenzing Explorer version is no affiliated with the Rolex union ;-)

More informative Links:

—End of reception release

I hope this will be a success favor the Piccard Single Red Deepsea they introduced (which I covered here and here). I will keep you posted above the progress of this superb project!

Cult Watches

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Not also long antecedent, I noticed ‘Cult Watches, the world’s enduring classics’ in a skylight of a book store in The Hague. It is a book by Michael Balfour, whom I calculate is also responsible for extra horological titles.

I flipped via the pages and seeing at the pictures and stories of all-time classics (Speedmaster, Submariner, Navitimer, Nautilus, Royal Oak, Tank and so on..) I was immediately interested. However, asking 50 euros (virtually 75 USD by this moment) was a turn-off. It is no reference like the Pattrizi books or Mondani books on Rolex, or the Saga book on Omega by Marco Richon. This ‘Cult Watches’ book is a nice-to-read book and I am no paying 50 euros for those :)

Anyway, when I got family, I retarded Amazon as this book and immediately clicked ‘Buy’ when I saw the cost. 33 dollar, which is quite interesting because us Europeans with the present money rate. Including boating costs, it price me only half the price they asked for the book in the book store. And that was no blunder either, for later on I noticed the book for the same price (50 euro) in dissimilar store.

Amazon conveyed rapidly, which they forever do while something is in stock, and after I quickly unwrapped the book and made myself a good cappuccino. The book covers all the noted brands which have watches namely could be categorized as ‘classic’ alternatively ‘cult’ watch.

Brands favor Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak), Breguet (Type XX), Cartier (Tank), Hamilton (Electric), Jaeger-LeCoultre (Reverso), Omega (Speedmaster), Patek Philippe (Calatrava & Nautilus), Rolex (Submariner & Daytona), Tag Heuer (Monaco) and Universal Gen?ɬ�ve (Tri-Compax) are embodied, amongst other brands and watch models of way. The superb photographs give much detail ashore the watches. All texts are well written and cover a bit of the mark history as well as careful message aboard the models itself.

For this price of 32 Replica Breitling Watches,97 USD or approximately 27 Euro (including shipping) this book is a must-have with esteem to the bookshelf of every watch enthusiast! It tin also be secondhand as a coffeetable book of course, if our S.O. allows you to that is.. :)

Review of The Artego 300m Diver

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IMG_0311 With the 300m diver, Artego Watches has officially joined the almost infinite mass of indie or boutique swoop see manufacturers obtainable to the web-savvy purchaser. But the question is, do they stand out?

As many indie brands have enjoyed a fashion spotlight, championship is drastic Vacheron Constantin, already the 300m Diver has been enjoying a steady stream of affirmative reviews in the online collector space. Artego was variety ample to send us a reiterate element so we could take a closer look in ourselves.

Here are the details:

  • 316L stainless steel case.
  • Miyota 8215 movement (40 hr keep).
  • 45×15.5mm.
  • Sapphire Crystal with inner AR.
  • 120 click unidirectional bezel.
  • Stainless steel bracelet.
  • 300m/990ft water resistant.
  • Available with PVD coating (not shown).
  • Options for black, blue or orange dials.
  • Retail price of $350 – $400 USD.

IMG_0316In terms of chart, the Artego 300m is all vintage, somehow incorporating a Doxa-like manner without sacrificing incipient design. The Artego 300m is colossal and ponderous, and feels like a tool watch as presently as its on-wrist.

The cushion style case is smooth, well finished, and slightly contoured so it sits comfortably on your wrist. The closed lugs suit the bracelet well, but the Artego 300m Diver looks great on a belt as well. On the bracelet, I can confirm it is heavy, solid, and very tool-diver in stature. The old-school hands and inky black lofty luster dial are exhibited behind a sapphire crystal with an internal layer of anti-reflective coating.

IMG_0319The screw-down cap is quite pleasing with a confident feel no constantly discern by this price point. The bracelet is very similar apt the ones base aboard the Halios Bluering and Holotype: nicely finished, screwed together, and without rattle. It has a push-button fold over clasp that is made of very thick metal.

The overall construction of the Artego 300m would best be described as solid. The unidirectional dive bezel is light, but very "clicky" and simple to set on a characteristic point. The hands and markers are painted with radiant draw and feature very well; they glow very brightly and tin final most of the night from my tests (please see the movie). Timekeeping comes along path of the trusty Miyota 8215 seen in many additional watches, and this example was scampering among the natural scope at approximately ±12-15 seconds over 24 hours (it’s really closer to ±10 seconds while it not leaves your wrist).

The Artego 300m Diver embodies many of what we like about dive watches, and the quality was more than I was anticipating given the rational entry price of $350. The chunky case, solid crown, and excellent bracelet make this a viable watch for any landlord accepting of the size. When you pile this small brand opposition a large competitor like Seiko, its easy to see the appeal: vintage styling, authentic movement, and a better price point makes the Artego 300m Diver a great choice in a dive watch.

We would like to thank Artego for providing a review example.

By James Stacey

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